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PIGHOPPERS WORKDAY REPORT - Saturday, August 4, 2001
By Mike Nestor

It was pretty warm. Well, come to think of it, it was actually VERY warm! Now that I reminisce some more... it was seriously HOT!!!! But despite the uncompromising heat, four dedicated volunteers from Toledo PAR and ADAPTT brought enough sunscreen and drank enough water to help out at yet another PigHoppers Farm Sanctuary Workday!

PAR/ADAPTT member Mark Whitt fixed the pond pump, lawn tractor, and electric fence while getting just a little too much pleasure using the chainsaw to clear some dead trees. PAR members Mike Nestor and Farah Frisch (as well as Mike's son Sean) wisely stayed clear of the clearing and helped Mark Jacobson (PigHoppers' cofounder with Lake) erect some fencing. They also cleaned out the duck barn and a "special needs" potbellied pig home. The resulting compost was placed around the tomatoes in the garden and new straw was put down in the main pig barn.

In an effort to provide TLC and beat the heat, we brushed the pigs and made attempts to brush the rabbits. The rabbits, however, weren't so receptive to our efforts. Rabbits are skittish. Rabbits are fast. The pigs, on the other hand, loved the attention. One particular pig developed a real fondness for Farah's therapeutic brushing technique and followed her around the pen trying to "hog" all her time and attention. (Oww! Sorry about that!)

During one of the frequent water breaks, we also toured the facility again. The Buckeye Egg chickens had a new fenced in area constructed since our last visit and the rabbit barn had gotten a full coat of barn red paint (though it desperately needs another coat!). Somehow Farah's 7-Up disappeared and a strange bug took up residence in her clothing in its stead. Those wearing shorts due to the heat found walking through the tall dry grassy field where the fencing was going up an itchy and unpleasant experience! We all agreed that a workday in the cooler fall months might prove a more comfortable experience for us all!

After the work was done, we were tired... but it was that good kind of tired. And Mark Whitt - after we coaxed him away from the chainsaw - had us all happy with his vegan spaghetti and strawberry pie! Thanks again, Mark! The other Mark (Jacobson) thanked us again for helping out, emphasizing that any and all help is always appreciated!

And so it was that we swore we would be back again soon - and we will on Sunday, September 16, 2001! (See below). Anyone interested in joining us can reach me via PAR email or through the PAR line at 323-9639. Hope to see you this autumn! The pigs love to get brushed! And good luck catching the rabbits!

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